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Materialprüfanstalt Brandenburg GmbH

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Material Testing Institute Brandenburg

Integrated services focussing on wood

by an interdisciplinary team of wood technologists, chemists, physicists and biologists

Physical testing / timber decay evaluation

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Dipl.- Ing. Matthias Erdmann +49 (0) 3334 65 –558
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Dewitz +49 (0) 3334 65 –546
Dr. Peter Schumacher +49 (0) 3334 65 –559

MPA Eberswalde
Materialprüfanstalt Brandenburg GmbH
Alfred-Möller-Straße 1
16225 Eberswalde

Fax: +49 (0)3334 65550

Bohrwiderstandsmessung mit Resistograph Resistography of a damaged load bearing support
Bohrwiderstandsmessung mit Resistograph Drill resistance along drilling path (red line)

Holzfeuchtemessung Measuring wood moisture in the interior of timber

gebrochener Brettschichtholz-Träger einer Sporthalle Broken gluelam beam (defective planning and execution of a joint in a gym)

Lack mit Luftblasen Defective coating with air bubbles

Testing and quality certification of all types of wood composites

(Solid wood panels, laminated veneer lumber, plywood, OSB, particle board, MDF, HDF, WPC, cement bonded panels)

Testing of wooden construction parts (e.g. gluelam beams)

Determination of glueing quality and of load bearing residual cross-sections

Testing of lanyard strength in wood

(Screws, nails, bolts, nail plates)

Non-destructive testing

(Ultrasound, computer tomography, resistography)

Damage diagnosis and structural analysis

  • Determination of statically effective residual cross-sections of wooden construction parts in civil engineering and hydraulic engineering
  • Determination of damage type and damage extent for reconstruction planning
  • Load bearing tests of floorings, ceilings and stairs by bending under load
  • Testing of gluelam beams and wooden foundation piles
  • Strength grading of timber according to EN 4074

Mobile computertomography of wooden foundation piles (Old Museum Berlin)

Tomogram of a foundation pile

Brettschichtholzbinder, Probenentnahme Taking samples from a gluelam beam to determine quality of glueing

Bohrkerne aus Brettschichtholzbinder
Drilled core samples Ø 80mm taken from gluelam beams

V-Fuge an Fensterprofil
Air bubbles in coating of wooden window

Logo Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat

The accreditation is valid for test methods specified in the document.

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PÜZ agency recognized by German Institute for civil engineering


Monitoring and certification body notified according to Construction Products Directive in Brussels

MPA Eberswalde | Materialprüfanstalt Brandenburg GmbH
Alfred-Möller-Straße 1 | D-16225 Eberswalde | Tel: + 49 (0) 3334 65-560 | Fax: +49 (0) 3334 65-550